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Biological Medicine


Prevention. Nutrition. Biological Remedies.

Competent consultation around your health and well-being.

Supply of clinic patients as well as external customers with all necessary medications, nutritional supplements and information about your therapy in the context of biological medicine. Our assortment is supplemented by high-quality health food products for your individual holistic nutrition as well as unique natural cosmetic products.

Tailored to your individual needs

Individual. Competent.

Your health is our passion!

People are very individual when it comes to health. Depending on the personal situation, the course of disease is unique and therapies must be tailored differently to the needs of the individual.

In the pharmacy, we are committed and competent in answering all your questions around the therapies prescribed by your doctor and dentist. Training and continuing education is an important part of our team's daily work.


Products of the Month

Every month we select three products from our range and present them here in detail.

In July, the focus is on three products from M.Reich around the acid-alkaline balance.

Regular detoxification/purification from excess acid in our tissue is one of the most important measures to promote our health.

M.Reich - Alkaline Tea

The high-quality 28-herb blend from sustainable cultivation offers a valuable contribution to accompany your alkaline diet and the conduct of fasting, purification and wellness cures.

30 Pads - 9.50 Fr.

M.Reich - Alkaline Porridge

Be it hot as porridge or cold as muesli - the delicious Alkaline Porridge (gluten- and lactose-free) is the perfect start to the day for young and old. If desired, it can be enriched with seasonal berries and fruits. In combination with the freeze-dried berries from BioKing, the porridge becomes especially delicious.

450 g - 11.50 Fr. (also available as 1 kg refill pack)

M.Reich - Alkaline Fleece Mask

The alkaline environment of the Alkaline Fleece Mask supports the skin in its natural function. Due to the special cut shape, it can supply the skin with the alkaline substances all the way to the décolleté.

10 Stk. - 17.00 Fr.
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The pharmacy is easily accessible by car as well as by public transport. The train stop "Lustmühle" is about 5 min. away from the Paracelsus Clinic. The Paracelsus Pharmacy is integrated into the Paracelsus Clinic. There are sufficient parking spaces available.
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